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We have been serving the Art and Design community for 35 years by referral. It is truly our pleasure to be of artful service to you adding our touch regarding placement, installation, handling, & framing to your art collections.

The Professional Art Service
for Southern California

We are often called in by many top designers to help complete a project all the way through to the final phase of art and accessory installation. If you are not currently working with a designer, we can step in to act as “art designers” to coordinate your art, accessories, and furniture in any space.
Unique Installations can be the most challenging, but also the most rewarding!  We have years of experience installing and placing unique objects, sculptural pieces, and objet d’art.  We invite you to bring us your unique challenge!

We can provide scaffolding, lifts, the expertise, and ability to install the largest of pieces.

We are happy to work with your team! From office buildings to restaurants, commercial showrooms, medical buildings and everything in between. We maintain full coverage insurance as well as workers compensation for all our team members. Helping you achieve your design goals, while meeting the needs of property owners and managers can easily be achieved.

Let our team of Art Installers help you with your groupings, gallery walls, family photo walls, sports memorabilia and collections of all types!  This is a part of our work that everyone loves doing!  We can help you with placement and design ideas to bring together an Artful outcome! 
Mirrors can make a big difference in a space!  We install mirrors of every shape, weight and material. We provide the hanging solutions to keep your mirrors safely and securely hanging for years to come. Let us help you with placement and installation to get the most out of their reflection!

Creating your family photo wall is a task that is best suited for some professional help!  It can be daunting to consider which photos to use, what type of framing or display works best in your home, and even where it should go!

We can design, engineer, and fabricate custom low-profile hardware for any style of Artwork or object. We can fabricate by utilizing iron, wood, acrylic or whatever materials might integrate with your project. For example we can fabricate installation solutions for Didgeridoo’s, Sleighs, Antique doors, Asian screens, Canoes, Spears, Signs, even Racing Car Bodies……“We Can Install It All”

Love the Art but ‘dated frame’ is to blame? Lizz will come to your location with pre-selected frame & mat samples to co-design the perfect frame to fit your style!  Competitive pricing and professional service make In-Home Frame Designs your best bet for framing success! 

A unique and stylish way to display photography in your home. Only available through Lizz Lang Art Services! Below you’ll see acrylic photo sleeves arranged on metal frame.


Acrylic Wall Collage System

Acrylic Collage Office