Lizz Lang

Owner & Founder

Lizz grew up in the interior design industry, learning from her designer mom, Norma Benjamin. They moved to California in the late 70’s and developed a successful business servicing the design industry with a unique full-service design studio, including art and framing.30 years ago, fine art installation was a rare talent.

Lizz began installing artwork for her framing clientele. She has since worked with nothing but top designers and galleries in southern California, overseeing thousands of residential and commercial art installations.

Her expertise in placement, installation, frame design and lighting is unequaled and her well-trained installers are also experts in all technical aspects regarding installation, experience with groupings, as well as art and furniture placement.


Raul Valenzuela

Raul & Lizz have been married over 18 years, and his two oldest sons have both worked for Lizz Lang Art Services Services, with Reuben still on staff! Raul’s artistic talents with iron and wood provide Lizz Lang Art Services Services with the ability to say “we can hang ANYTHING!!” He is our trusted resource for designing and fabricating custom hardware, he repairs antiques and objects d’art for many retailers, and he can assemble the most delicate and tricky items.

Two good examples of Raul’s abilities:
A La Jolla client purchased an antique fireplace back that weighed over 1000 lbs! He engineered and fabricated hardware and we installed that valuable piece onto an exterior stucco wall at the entry to their Italian-style grotto home!

An antique dealer received a French chandelier that consisted of 750 colored crystals and arms, none of which were assembled. He put it together perfectly, without instructions or even a photo of the finished piece. The dealer knew it was correct!! And it looked awesome!