What we do?

What we do

We have been serving the Art and Design community for 30 years by referral. It is truly our pleasure to be of artful service to you in your home, office or wherever your art might be, adding our touch regarding placement, installation, lighting and framing to your art collections.



We work as a team with you and your designer to coordinate every aspect to creating that wonderful “art ambiance” that every space deserves.

We are often called in by many top designers to help complete a project all the way through to the final phase of art and accessory installation. If you are not currently working with a designer, we can step in to act as “art designers” to coordinate your art, accessories, and furniture in any space.

With our expertise, we are able to advise you in future art purchases, with size ranges and resources for your consideration. Because we work with many galleries, showrooms and designers, we are able to connect you to many artful resources.1