Fine Art Storybooks

Fine Art Storybooks
A remarkable way to inventory and share your collection’s unique memories

Would you like to see your entire art collection in one sitting?

Share your personal stories about your collection with family and friends?

Precisely document your entire collection for insurance purposes?

Special Service
Lizz Lang Art Services Services now offers a special service to our clients. We have created a beautiful way to document the entirety of a collection, and to record your stories associated with individual pieces in your collection. The story book may contain artwork, sculptures, antiques or any collectibles you choose. How do we do this?
We start with a complete inventory of your collection. We then professionally photograph each piece and collect information concerning the history and acquisition of your entire art collection. Where appropriate we interview you to record personal memories, stories of acquisition, possible interactions with the artists, etc. This is then organized and displayed in a beautiful photo album, and collected in a spreadsheet and CD for your permanent records.

The benefits of this service are many:

Professionally photograph each piece.

Inventory of your collection (Excellent for keeping insurance up to date!)

Record Specific

  • Artist’s name
  • Title
  • Medium(s)
  • Value (if available)
  • Date of creation
  • Date of acquisition
  • Artwork size

Research artist information for a brief biographical sketch Compile all of this into a professional photo album to share with family and friends.

Art Inventory
On site cataloging of your complete art collection details include artist, title, medium(s), acquisition date, value, etc. Deliverable as a spreadsheet.